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Thanks for checking out our All-Inclusive Wedding Experience package! Here you can find our live concert video, pricing, reviews, and more! Now let's dive into the details and look at how hiring The Crossroad Sound for your wedding can turn your reception into the party of a lifetime! You and your guests will be amazed by what you see and hear!

Watch The Crossroad sound live


LIMITED TIME offer - Get $5,000 Off!

The EXPERIENCE Package includes everything below:


The core of what makes us great is our incredible musicians! These are 12 of the best in the business and they will blow you away with their talent! They have been performing and rehearsing together for the last 2+ years and have perfected their craft at over 150 events!

  • 12-Piece Band: Includes Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Percussion, 4 Horns, and 7 Singers on stage to create a larger-than-life sound!

  • Best of Both Worlds: We've taken what DJ's do best, which is providing non-stop music with quick song-to-song transitions, and incorporated it into our live band sets. One song flows seamlessly into the next so that there aren't any awkward pauses and the dance floor never gets stale!

  • Music: Dance music from every decade is mixed together effortlessly including Motown, Disco, Classic Rock, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, and more to keep every guest dancing!

  • ​Energy: The entire show is choreographed and well-rehearsed for tons of energy and crowd interaction!

  • Style: Several wardrobe options ensures that the band will look as good as they sound while fitting in perfectly with the style your wedding!

  • ​Start to Finish: We cover more than just the party! We provide soloists and small ensembles for the ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner so that from the moment your guests arrive, your wedding has the right music to fit the vibe!

tour-level production

What do all touring acts have that most local bands don't? Production! We have the staging, lighting, and sound to transform any space into a magical environment that will make your guests' jaws drop. Designed specifically for weddings, we create a beautifully elegant atmosphere that transforms into a concert level light show to dazzle your guests by the end of the night!  

  • Sound: State of the art sound equipment for your ceremony and reception so every word and note is crystal clear!

  • Stage: Customizable stage to fit the size and shape of your reception space!

  • Stage Facade: Our white stage facade gives the stage a clean elegant look. The LED's make it glow and come to life when the party starts!

  • Premium Lighting: Our premium lighting package will totally change the atmosphere of the room. We start the reception with beauty and elegance in mind and then transition to a breathtaking light show when the band starts! 

  • Fireworks: Sparks will fly when we set off our indoor safe cold spark fountains for your first dance and grand finale!

  • ​Up-Lights: Our up-lights are placed around the perimeter of the room to add to the air of elegance and sophistication with a warm glow. Then they join in the light show as well when the party starts!

Live Soloists and Small Ensembles

Yes we have the party music covered, but what about the ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner music? You'll get your choice of our soloists and small ensembles to enhance the mood for every part of your day.

  • Soloists: Often a solo guitar or piano is the perfect accompaniment to a wedding ceremony.

  • Small Ensembles: We've got a variety of small ensembles to cover cocktail hour or dinner. Maybe an instrumental jazz trio fits the bill, or perhaps a lounge singer and piano duo?

Planning Services

Planning a wedding is hard! Planning a production of this scale is also hard! We've got your back! We've developed a system to easily guide our clients and their wedding planners through our process that we've developed to make planning the perfect wedding day a breeze! We take on all of the heavy lifting when it comes to logistics and working with your other vendors. You just sit back and let the magic happen!

  • Meetings: A handful of in-person or virtual planning meetings will give us everything we need to make your day perfect!

  • Communication: We pride ourselves in being good communicators. We are available to our clients almost 24/7 to give advice or listen to new ideas whenever inspiration strikes!

  • Customizable: Every step of the process is totally customizable. We'll give you our suggestions and then take your preferences and turn your reception into the perfect reception for you!

  • Personal Touch: One of our favorite things about this line of work is getting to know our clients on a deeper level. This is a big milestone in your life and we love building those personal connections to make it as special as possible!

MC Services

How do you keep things moving smoothly and keep guests attention throughout your wedding reception? You hire a great MC. Our Event Producer Josh has been MC'ing weddings for many years and will be your MC throughout the entirety of your reception. He'll keep your guests happy and your vendors in the loop while you enjoy the night of your lives!

  • Organized: It's important to have someone on the mic that knows the plan and can execute it!

  • ​Interactive: It's important to engage your guests so they can follow along throughout the event and never feel bored or tired.

  • Tasteful: Let's face it - your guests came to see you, not the MC! Josh will keep everyone's attention without stealing the spotlight from the newlyweds. We have all seen that corny DJ or band leader that thinks he's the star of the show. We keep the spotlight on our couples! Be prepared to get called on stage to dance or sing along to your favorite song and receive the ovation from your guests that you deserve!

Plus a free Bonus gift!

Studio Recorded First dance song

How do you make memories like these last? As our gift to you, we are throwing in a bonus recording of your first dance song! You pick the song, and The Crossroad Sound will record it in the studio so that you'll have it forever!

  • Video: Perfect as the soundtrack to your wedding video, we'll send it to your videographer in advance of the wedding!

  • Spotify: We will upload your recording to all of the online music streaming services so that you can listen on-demand via Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others!

  • ​Anniversary: What a special way to celebrate your anniversary or a special date night! Light some candles and listen to The Crossroad Sound serenade you for years to come!

Purple Crowd

Here's everything you're getting in ThIS PACKAGE!

  • 12-Piece Headliner Band - ($19,900 Value)

  • Tour-Level Production Package - ($10,800 Value)

  • ​Live Soloists and Small Ensembles - ($6,000 Value)

  • ​Planning Service - ​($3,000 Value)

  • ​MC Service - ($1,500 Value)

  • BONUS: Studio Recording - ($5,400 Value)


PRICE: $19,900*

*Travel costs not included. Extra charges for mileage, hotel, airfare, etc. may apply for events beyond the Kansas City metro area.


The next 5 couples will get an additional $5,000 off!

For a limited time price of


That's a total savings of $31,700!

*Travel costs not included. Extra charges for mileage, hotel, airfare, etc. may apply for events beyond the Kansas City metro area.

Wed KC 22.png

We've pulled out all the stops with this package in order to create the most stunning and exciting experience we could possibly come up with and we know you won't be disappointed. This package is unrivaled anywhere else in our industry. This will be a big investment, but it will be the most impactful investment you can make for your wedding! We will leave you and your guests raving guaranteed! 

Confetti at Night Concert

Video Clips from Real weddings

Indian hills country club - Kansas City

The Bardot - Kansas city

Madrid Theatre - Kansas City

2016 Main - Kansas city







The Reviews are in!

Kathleen L.

The Crossroad Sound created a night that will be remembered forever by all who attended. We danced all night to a variety of songs that kept us all engaged and celebrating such a joyous occasion. The band played concert quality music that was enjoyed by every age group in attendance. They read our crowd perfectly and kept the energy high and focused on the wedding couple and the reason we were all gathered. We had many, many guests say Crossroad was the best wedding band they have ever experienced. We totally agree- THANK YOU CROSSROAD SOUND!!!!!

5 Stars.png

Mother of the Bride

Stephanie L.

Just. Amazing. Booked The Crossroad Sound to play at our reception in Bentonville, AR. They knocked it out of the park. Everyone was out on the dance floor and we heard so many compliments from our guests on the quality of the performance to the amazing mix of genres played. They were easy to work with, very professional and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to book them in the future. The MC'ing of the whole evening was one of the best aspects -- they keep the night's events on track and the energy up!! We were so impressed by the songs they learned for our special dances. LOVE!"

5 Stars.png


Tanner T.

The Crossroad Sound was one of the best decisions we made. Three weeks after the ceremony and reception, our friends and family are still sharing stories about how much they enjoyed the entertainment! In addition to the “wow” factor that they bring to any event, the event coordination provided was invaluable. When you hire Crossroad you not only get them the day of the event but they also work with you over multiple meetings to make sure every detail is as you want and there is ZERO stress about the run of show come event day. We couldn’t have been happier with this group! 10/10

5 Stars.png


as you can see...

We have already created countless memorable nights for so many couples whom we now count as friends! We want to do the same for you! It's our passion and our purpose to be able to make  meaningful connections through music!


get $5000 off the all-inclusive wedding experience for the next 5 couples!

Popular dates book up to 18 months in advance


The Crossroad Sound are experts in crafting a live music experience for all party goers. We mix new with old, pop with rock, disco with rap, and more to impress anyone who might be hesitant about hitting the dance floor. It won't be long before your entire guest list has overtaken the dance floor and everyone is having the time of their lives! Check out some of our favorite songs and genres below!



The Crossroad Sound performs everything from Post Malone and Katy Perry to Earth, Wind, and Fire and The Jackson 5!


Modern dance floor hits from Kanye West, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars, Psy, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, and Luis Fonsi, Justin Beiber!


Hits from the 60's and 70's from KC & the Sunshine Band, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Aretha Franklin!


80's hits from Cyndi Lauper, Foreigner, Whitney Houston, AC/DC, ZZ Top, and The B-52's!



By Tina Turner

rather be

By Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne


By Bruno Mars

Can't stop

By The Red Hot Chili Peppers


2022 Highlights


get $5000 off the all-inclusive wedding experience for the next 5 couples!

Popular dates book up to 18 months in advance

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